Here are some pictures of recently completed jobs. I have worked on a variety of jobs, all of which need skills in applying different materials. Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss your individual needs.

Large Georgian House, Harefield

This is a large Georgian garden facade which had previously been repaired using sand and cement
All sand and cement render hacked off. As you can see from this picture stone sills are not the correct depth and the next picture shows the new stone sills fitted
new sills
harefield finish
Scratchcoat applied using NHL3.5 Hydraulic lime, new stone sills fitted and reconditioned sash box window frames fitted.
Finish coat applied with rendered keystones and ashlar block lines struck. this facade was plastered using three coat render and is now ready for decoration
Front door entrance of Georgian house - a brand new staff bead arch was ran in situ. The original had been badly repaired.
Horizontal staff beads finished



Victorian house in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire

This job was recently carried out in conjunction with Mike Jones of MDJ & Son Building. The chimney stack needed completely repointing. Seen below are two views of the restored chimney stack.


Marsh Green House, High Wycome, Buckinghamshire

This is a job that I recently completed in partnership with Mike Jones of MDJ Building, Reading, Berks and Jim Allen, Stonemason, of Totem Stone, Little Kingshill, Bucks.

There were eight turrets and three gable walls and stone coping. The old chimney turrets had to be taken down and rebuilt using handmade Matthews bricks with natural hydraulic lime mortar and then rendered using Leighton Buzzard sharp sand and hydraulic lime mortar. All moulds were run in-situ. Here are some pictures as the work progressed:

Original Chimney turrets all in sand & cement and thermalite blockwork and angle beads
Scaffold is erected and all of the chimney turrets removed

Picture of one of the chimneys after rendering and the moulds run
All chimneys are now completed and have been painted using a limewash

Windmill House    
Wingrave, Buckinghamshire

I have recently rendered a beautiful cottage in Wingrave, Bucks. The existing render had failed in several places and again sand and cement had been used in the past in some places. The render was hacked off and then a haired lime mortar scratchcoat was applied and finished off with a topcoat of coarse stuff. The photographs below show the various stages of work.

Original rendering in need of repair
Scratchcoat applied

Finish coat applied
Limewash finish
Two different views of a large Victorian cornice

  Cornice Repair  
This is a badly matched cornice which needed to be removed and matched to the original
Old repair has been removed
New cornice ran in situ matched to the original
Finished cornice ready for decorating




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